Research Tower RT4, installed by UGMS during July 1984, and subsequently tipped over by ice in January 1985 has been found on December 20, 2016.  It poses a significant navigation hazard on Great Salt Lake.  The tower is located in Carrington (Mag) Bay at 41º 09.848' x 112º 40.958' (Datum WGS 84).  The tower is laying on its side and runs from the NE at its base to SW at the platform.  The tower is a triangular lattice type construction with the main tower laying 10 feet below the surface at a water level of 4192.2' elevation MSL.  The platform lays within 8 inches of the surface at 4192.2' MSL.

A hazard buoy with a white light flashing every 2 seconds has been placed 100 feet to the southwest of the tower.  It is recommended all vessels stay a minimum of 1/4 mile away from to position given.