NN 20161223 RT2

Documentation shows a research tower, RT2, was built and installed by Amoco Oil Company in December 1977 on Great Salt Lake.  The tower was tipped over by ice in January 1979 but up-righted and repaired by Amoco in March 1979.  One leg sheared and one leg and set of cross arms bent by ice in January 1981.  The tower was again repaired by Amoco and UGMS in February 1981.  The tower tipped over by ice in January 1984.  The condition of the tower and its highest elevation point is unknown at this time.  The bottom elevation of the lake at the RT2 site is reported to be 4169 feet msl. 

RT2 is located approximately seven miles from the south tip of Fremont Island and seven miles from Buffalo Point on Antelope Island.  The submerged tower is reported to be at 41º 03.437' x 112º 25.810'

It is highly recommended that all vessels stay a minimum of 1/4 miles from this location.  Parks & Recreation will attempt to definitively locate the tower in early 2017 and determine if it poses a risk to navigation.