NN 20161223 RT1

Documentation has been found of a research tower RT1, installed by UGMS in 1976, tipped over by ice flow in January 1981.  This tower was hit by a boat in April 1981.  The tower was marked by State Parks in 1981.  Buoys have since been scoured.  It was reported the tower was demolished on-site and still lays on the bottom of the lake.  State Parks will begin operations early 2017 to locate and mark the wreckage if it still poses a hazard.  Until this time it should be considered a Hazard to Navigation.  The tower was a metal box framed construction with a platform hosting weather monitoring equipment.  The tower RT4 is reported to be located 1.9 to 2.0 miles at a bearing of 271º magnetic from Great Salt Lake Marina entrance.  The submerged tower is reported to be located at 40º 44.6' x 112º 15'